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Don’t be an asshole: Thursday’s 3 Things Holiday Special

A public service announcement: Ladies and gentleman, this holiday season remember to not be an asshole. Yeah, I get it that Christmas shopping is a pain in the ass that is only exacerbated by all the other holiday planning you … Continue reading

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Dyslexic pageant queens, gypsies curses and waiting for the worst: Thursday’s 3 things

The lady and I joined the gym this week. This means my entire body has been sore every minute of this week. It’s excruciating but I feel like it just maybe a little bit is becoming easier to handle. God, … Continue reading

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Magic water, rotten ol’ coots and a Spike Lee flashback: Thursday’s 3 things

Today, I post in my underpants like a true blogger. Here’s what it looks like. I considered making up a trend for the reason to live this week. Something like “Key parties are making a comeback. And they’re not just … Continue reading

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Thursday’s 3 things: guilt management, those damn coppers, and you guys suck at voting

Thanks to all nine of you who voted in the poll. I was going to wait until that magical tenth vote but that might not ever happen. You lazy bastards.You only had to click a button. And congratulations to the … Continue reading

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