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Would you like a random link so pathetic it’s sort of funny? You do? Great.

I was looking up the video of current New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride getting punched in the head by Buddy Ryan, father of a man with a famous foot fetish, in the ’90s when they were both coordinators … Continue reading

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Off-the-radar tip for finding a job in journalism: pick pickles

I’m sure nobody remembers but I called for tips from people with journalism jobs. The kind of tips that aspiring journalists could not get from their academic advisors. Nobody submitted anything. Either you’re all lazy fucks or you are hording … Continue reading

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My girlfriend’s a racist

My girlfriend just sent me this text message, knowing that I have a slight bit of American Indian blood in my genes. Clearly she is a racist: Did you her (sic) about the indian who drank so much iced tea … Continue reading

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Shitty situational tips for: The casual babysitter

Myself and my tiny nugget of a girlfriend babysat my oldest sister’s two daughters a couple months ago. Big Sis and her hubby warned me months earlier that if I never babysat their kids now they would never babysit my … Continue reading

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How I defeated my evil brother

So I’m heading to my hometown for the holiday weekend. (Peace up! A-town down!) My brother just texted me innocently wondering if I was coming tonight or tomorrow. Things quickly spun out of control. Here’s the transcript: Meathed11: U comin … Continue reading

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Solid tip for life: Stay in school…as long as you possibly can.

Holy God, it’s been forever! I apologize to the few who have requested that I keep posting. (And some of you have even checked the site from time to time, how dedicated!) I graduated from UW and moved to a … Continue reading

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Shitty situational tips for: relationships

Life offers us many options to choose from in order to accomplish stuff. Here’s some tips for deciding which options are good and which ones are really stupid. Most of these things I’ve tried out myself. I’ll try anything once. … Continue reading

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