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Would you like a random link so pathetic it’s sort of funny? You do? Great.

I was looking up the video of current New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride getting punched in the head by Buddy Ryan, father of a man with a famous foot fetish, in the ’90s when they were both coordinators … Continue reading

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Don’t be an asshole: Thursday’s 3 Things Holiday Special

A public service announcement: Ladies and gentleman, this holiday season remember to not be an asshole. Yeah, I get it that Christmas shopping is a pain in the ass that is only exacerbated by all the other holiday planning you … Continue reading

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This week in MS Paint featuring gay bashing and puppy bashing

Here are the definitive moments of the week eternally memorialized using the only medium elegant enough to handle such a task: MS Paint. These are the truly iconic images that will shape how you forever remember these moments in history. … Continue reading

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Yahoo! provides incredibly annoying read. You should read it!

You know what grinds my gears? Blatantly stolen lines from “Family Guy.” That’s what. Just kidding. What actually pisses me off is people liking shitty television shows. You know what else? People who stop liking a show because they think … Continue reading

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