This week in MS Paint featuring a Nancy Pelosi upskirt shot

Here are the definitive moments of the week eternally memorialized using the only medium elegant enough to handle such a task: MS Paint. These are the truly iconic images that will shape how you forever remember these moments in history.

The 38th Installment of the Harry Potter movies hit theaters

I’ve never actually seen any of these movies or read the books but I assume by now Harry’s got to be at least in his 40s and is holding down a steady job. Seriously, he’s pretty old by now, right?

This series never ends.

Stay-at-home dad Brian St. Pierre called upon to start at QB for NFL team

Practice makes perfect. Hey, you show me a better way to bond with your 18-month-old kid. Babies are so useless.

Nancy Pelosi defeats a challenger for Democrat party majority leader

Is anyone else not surprised at the amount of flames beneath her skirt? No? Well, I bet Heath Shuler, her challenger and former crappy NFL quarterback, was surprised, too.



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One Response to This week in MS Paint featuring a Nancy Pelosi upskirt shot

  1. Alicia says:

    haha reminds me of that south park when hildog had a snuke in her sniz

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