A drunk announcement

Tonight, while I’m too drunk at 10:45 p.m. on a Thursday, I will admit a nearly decade-long secret that I have shared with former WWE wrestler Nick Foley: I like, or at least liked, Tori Amos.

Here, read his account of his relationship with the broodingly hot redhead.

Now, as of this post I have not read Foley’s whole post, but I read some earlier post about Foley’s post and I feel that is enough.

Anyway, since I’m too drunk right now I will admit that I’ve been to a Tori Amos concert. It was at UWGB and I was aged in the range of 17-19 years old. I was a brooding stoner and I appreciated her moody, piano-playing, super-self absorbed ruminations.

I have not listened to her in about a decade and I am not sure whether it is because she put out a couple albums my lady friends at the time labeled as “not good” or if it’s because the inner chauvinist in me won and declared that only pussies listen to Tori Amos. Either way, I have no idea what direction Amos’s career has taken in the last 7 or 8 years, but Mick Foley’s, Cactus Jack’s article reminded me of a much more sensitive/pussy* time in my life.

*the author is not sure which adjective properly applies here. he supposes y’all can pick whichever you’d like. he still has some vodka and tonic to finish.

Update: I’m sober now and can say without a doubt that only pussies listen to Tori Amos.


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