How I defeated my evil brother

So I’m heading to my hometown for the holiday weekend. (Peace up! A-town down!)

My brother just texted me innocently wondering if I was coming tonight or tomorrow.

Things quickly spun out of control. Here’s the transcript:

Meathed11: U comin home 2nite or 2morrow broski?

Ken: Probably tomorrow morning. Why?

Meathed11: Just wondering

Ken: You’re planning to kill me. You fuck! I won’t go down without a fight you fiend!

Meathed11: I was only plannin on obliterating ur ballsack

Ken: Hit me where it hurts, eh? Well, too late, bitch. I’m gonna cut it off tonite before you ever get a chance. Hah!

Meathed11: Damn! u win again

Let this be a lesson to all of you. I will cut off my own ballsack to keep you from the pleasure of harming it.

Now, back to work.


About Ken Harris

I like whisky. And whiskey, too. And I like you.
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One Response to How I defeated my evil brother

  1. asmadame1 says:

    You truly area masterful genius.

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