Let’s dig up the past, y’all!

When I finally got internet again earlier this week, I found three old drafts in my WordPress account from May, back before I got caught up in job-searching and final exams and moving and all that shit.

Reading the three saved titles and the small blurb following them, I realized they all had great potential for humor. Basically, they were all better ideas than anything I have right now.

So, it’s time for you bitches to exercise your yellerjournalism power and vote for which old draft you’d like to read as a post. Whichever title wins, I’ll write a complete post about it and you can enjoy all the funnies. Or (oops. i just spilled my vodka and tonic all over myself. god i hate sundays. this shit better absorb through my thigh skin and right to my bloodstream)…now I don’t know what the fuck that sentence was going to say. I do know that this Janelle Monae album is baller as shit, though.

Anyway, enjoy this bit of democracy here.


About Ken Harris

I like whisky. And whiskey, too. And I like you.
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