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Let’s dig up the past, y’all!

When I finally got internet again earlier this week, I found three old drafts in my WordPress account from May, back before I got caught up in job-searching and final exams and moving and all that shit. Reading the three … Continue reading

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Sexy Bodies, fat bodies, and going postal: Thursday’s 3 Things

This column is for those on the brink. I’m talking about the people looking for either just one more reason to live, one more reason to kill or that one last reason to die. Let me recommend the straw to … Continue reading

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Solid tip for life: Stay in school…as long as you possibly can.

Holy God, it’s been forever! I apologize to the few who have requested that I keep posting. (And some of you have even checked the site from time to time, how dedicated!) I graduated from UW and moved to a … Continue reading

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