Your latest country-singing hobos: Rascal Flatts

Nooooooooooo! Rascal Flatts is homeless!

America’s favorite crooners of non-descript dreck have been betrayed by…wait for it…Disney! I’m sure Disney is just going in another direction, on that makes a profit, like internet pornography. Look for the headline soon that Disney has purchased

For all you lovers of generic, imagined Rascal Flattery, don’t worry, you can likely find them singing around a barrel fire in Nashville tonight.

If they ask real nicely, I’ll put Sherlock Holmes on the case and he can find them a home.

"Well, I have my own digital 8-track with a cd-burner. That should suffice."


About Ken Harris

I like whisky. And whiskey, too. And I like you.
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