Hold on a second: Luger death report is insane

According to the investigation into the death of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili at the Vanoucer Olympics, the safety wall at the fatal turn was built properly. It was driver error that caused this death.

Driver error?


Obviously driver error was a factor. If Kumaritashvili hadn’t taken a bad line he would have stayed on the course. But to assert that the wall was built to proper specifications is just wrong. A properly built safety wall would protect drivers from death after making a mistake.

That seems like blaming someone for their own death in a car accident after their seatbelt snaps. Yeah, they may have caused the accident, but a properly built seatbelt would protect them from flying through their own windshield.

Safety walls should be built to protect lugers from their own mistakes in a sport in which, while I’m no luging expert, it seems like a few inches makes a big difference between a clean run and an error.

It is just ridiculous of the Olympic officials to dodge the blame on this. What does the International Luge Federation have to gain with this finding?


Get on it, Mr. Holmes!

Hmmmmm. Interesting.

Image: GETTY via cosmosmagazine.com


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