Come here often? No, I’m new in town.

Nice to meet you. My name is Ken and I would like to share my view of the world with you.

Like here for instance is the view from the front window of my apartment:

an empty park bench, a lake, some trees

Where's Waldo?

Tell me. What do you really see here.

Nah. Just kidding. It’s a park and a lake. Stop trying and just enjoy it. Perhaps you and I can sit on that bench together and dream about the future someday.

Probably not. I graduate soon and will likely be moving on to anyplace where I can find a job. (Seriously, I can practically be had for a song! And I can almost write, too.)

Don’t worry. You’ll get to come along.

So just relax and be yourself. There’s no good reason to start this relationship by pretending to be something that you’re not. And if you play your cards right this just might turn into love:


I ❤ you


About Ken Harris

I like whisky. And whiskey, too. And I like you.
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3 Responses to Come here often? No, I’m new in town.

  1. b says:

    male ‘bro’nding

  2. asmadame1 says:

    Wow. classy, really 🙂

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